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Article n°. 391482
Collection Unisexe
Genre (musique) Heavy Metal
Média - Format MNCD
Thématiques Groupes
Artiste Jon Schaffer's Purgatory
Catégorie de produit CD
Date de sortie 18-12-21
Here’s something for all fans of true US metal. Purgatory were a US metal band, who unleashed the legendary ‘Iced Earth’ album in 1988. The mastermind behind ‘Iced Earth’, John Schaffer, got together in early 2018 with Purgatory’s original vocalist Gene Adam (who also behind the mic on Iced Earth’s debut album), Mark Prator (drums – also known from Iced Earth’s ‘The Dark Saga’ album), Jim Morris (guitar – producer and owner of the legendary Morrisound Studios), Bill Own (guitar – original band member) and bassist Ruben Draken (Demons & Wizards, Sons Of Liberty) to re-record five old Purgatory songs, which had been written in 1985/1986. The result of this was US metal! Sensational metal in its earliest form. Fans of Iced Earth or bands, such as Omen or Liege Lord, should risk bursting their ear drums for this masterpiece. In addition to the fantastic production across the five tracks (for which Jon Schaffer was responsible), which conjure the spirit of the magnificent 80’s without ever sounding stale, the breath-taking vocal performance from Gene Adam is above all what makes this true US metal treasure into an absolute must-have in your collection. The EP comes as a limited-edition digipak and 12 inch vinyl MLP with a four-page insert and engravement on side B. The whole thing is topped off with stunning artwork by David Newman Stump and Roy Young, who completed Iced Earth’s current studio album ‘Incorruptible’, as well as liner notes by Jon Schaffer, Gene Adam, Greg Seymour (the band’s original bassist) and Bill Owen. To avoid any confusion with bands that go by the same name, the ‘Purgatory – EP’ is released under the name ‘Jon Schaffer’s Purgatory’.
  1. In Your Dreams (4:55)
  2. Dracula (6:08)
  3. In Jason’s Mind (5:03)
  4. Jack (4:00)

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