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GenreGerman Rock
EditieLimited Edition
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Limited edition on black vinyl.

After Philthy and Lemmy passed away at the end of 2015, the Kneipenterroristen decided to make an EP with a song for Lemmy, three Motörhead cover versions of 'Ace Of Spades', 'We're The Roadcrew', and 'Going to Brazil' with German lyrics and another song called "Wahre Götter". It is a song about dead metal and punk legends.
This is a quote from Kneipenterroristen singer Jörn "Lemmy's death is the end of an era and a unique band, Motörhead. I have been living with Lemmy and Motörhead for almost 40 years and they have been my favourite band from the very start. They have influenced my style of music a lot. Never forget..... Motörhead!"


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