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GeluidsdragerLP & CD
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This version of 'Venganza' is released as a trendy picture LP with the album CD as a bonus. This edition is limited to 500 pieces.

This first blurred guitar riffs starts pounding and every fan knows who is working that guitar. The large live presence of the KrawallBrüder has obviously increased the joyfulness of playing for Pascal and his men; this is presented as tribute on their newest album. Regardless of the consequences or wanting to make everything right for everyone, the brothers do what they want and seize everything on their mind. Under different circumstances, most of the things would not have been touched but Pascal and his men relentlessly capture it in a nutshell. "Venganza" captivates through their diverse song writing with their typical sing-a-long passage, the common KB hymn-like melody and a few calm moments.


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